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In December 2022, Brian Smyth and Nicholas McCarron founded OTB Packing Solutions, blending their passion for beverage industry innovation and extensive manufacturing experience

Their keen insight into the shortcomings of current canned beverage packaging, along with the increasing demand for improved safety, reduced waste, and the convenience of resealing cans, prompted them to develop a new multi-serve platform.

To bring their vision to life, Brian and Nicholas collaborated with a high school student through a cooperative initiative, transforming designs into 3D-printed concepts and prototypes. Following an extensive 12-month testing phase, the CANKAP is now ready for production.

As we look to the future, OTB Packing Solutions remains steadfast in its commitment to quality, sustainability, and progress toward a greener beverage industry. Anticipating future innovations, we are excited to continue leading the way.

OUR Team

Brian Smyth

Brian is an expert in consumer goods packaging specializing in the bottling, manufacturing, and beverage production lines. After a successful career working for renowned, international producers, Brian shifted his focus to delivering comprehensive canning and bottling line solutions for the cannabis industry. His expertise in equipment, engineering, and packaging concepts culminated in the creation of OTB Packaging Solutions.

Nicholas McCarron

Nicholas has always been passionate about manual craftsmanship — honing his skills as a woodworker and finding joy in creating exquisite pieces by hand. After a successful career in aviation, Nicholas turned to the cannabis industry for his next challenge. After years of researching the regulatory landscape and status quo for Canadian cannabis beverages, he set out to address safety, freshness, and dose accuracy challenges with a lineup of revolutionary beverage caps.

Eric Tang
sales Manager

With 15+ years of experience, Eric has served as a purchasing agent for companies in the UK, USA, and Canada and specializes in managing large machine turnkey projects for the beverage industry. He has successfully led custom packaging initiatives for Bevcanna and Keef Brands, and his expertise extends to Asian financial institutions.

Max Childerhose
Digital Engineer

Max has been 3D printing for four years and 3D modeling for six. He has designed and printed various items such as light switches for a Lear 35 jet, magnetic mounts for his aquarium, replacement parts for boats, and his own CNC machine for precise metal machining. He is currently pursuing mechatronics at Toronto Metropolitan University.


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